Jagex Takes Interest in High Level Demands

posted by on 1st September 2006, at 12:41am

In response to claims that Jagex does not care about high level players, Mod Craddock began a stickied thread in the official Suggestions forum asking for suggestions aimed at the more powerful adventurers. The Jagex moderator advised players to be detailed and creative and also consider the sustainability of their ideas, that is to say, whether it would keep people coming back for more. Craddock remained active in the discussion and hopefully some of those ideas will eventually be made into features.

Among the ideas suggested were several new items and monsters, some elaborate quests, and areas which only those with high combat levels or skill totals can enter. Nothing particularly original, but some good ideas just the same. Magic fan that I am, I suggested a new spell set in the thread.

The thread reached around one thousand posts before being closed. However, just because the sticky’s gone doesn’t mean the topic is closed for discussion. If you, the reader, have an idea for high level content, log into the official Runescape forums, scroll down to Suggestions, and make your idea known to the community and, Saradomin willing, the content team. There is an article in issue one of the Informer that can help you in that endeavor.

Happy posting.

Sincerely, TheMothAssassin

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