Darkness of Hallowvale

posted by on 1st September 2006, at 12:50am

A Vyrewatch screeches in anger, swooping down to attack you. Your heavy armor weighing you down, you stumble towards the nearest shelter: a ramshackle old building. With a desperate surge of energy, you throw yourself into the building and slam the door shut behind you. The Vyrewatch screeches again, clawing and slashing at the door. You hold fast, however, and the beast eventually gives up and flies away. You slide to the ground and take a deep breath. After a few moments of respite, you stand up again and draw your weapon. You’ve got to find a way to get to the castle, or your mission will be a failure. You whisper a quick prayer to Saradomin, and then start weaving your way through the city that is Meiyerditch.

Darkness of Hallowvale is the third part of the Myreque series. Your mission this time is to penetrate into the Sanquinesti region. The hard part is, there is a massive wall that bars access from the outside. Your first task is to find a way to get past the wall, and into Sanquinesti. After you have accomplished that, locating the Myreque resistance inside the vampire land is your priority. The entire quest is filled with tense action and undercover adventuring.

As you explore the secret passage ways of Meiyerditch and attempt to defeat the supreme vampyre overlord, you will be confronted by many a challenge. You will have to brave them all, for if you do not, the Myreque is doomed.

I myself do not have the skills, nor the courage, to embark on such a dangerous mission. But I’m sure that a stout young warrior such as yourself will jump at the challenge. The best of luck to you, oh mighty one, as you arm yourself with much armor and weaponry and journey into this new land. I will leave you with a word of advice: watch your neck… The vampires are really biting.

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