Manya’s views on Magic

posted by on 31st August 2006, at 2:03am

Hello, Manya here. I’m here today to talk about something that benefits practically everyone that isn’t the target of: MAGIC!

Although I’m not much of a magician myself, I have experienced it a number of times and ways. Losing the ability to move yourself from one square to the next because of a glowing vine, getting struck by lightning on a clear sunny day, and experiencing the wonderful point of view of a person frozen in a block of ice in the middle of nowhere with no one but 1 person laughing vigorously at me (may he rest in peace).

I’m shocked at how there are so many different ways to hurt somebody by the means of magic. I mean, I could walk into a crowd of mages and let them cast a world of hurt upon myself, but it’s easy to guarantee that no two will use the same thing. Some will use binding spells, some will use teleportation blocking spells, some of them will use freezing spells, some will use life leaching spells, some will use vengeance spells … I can go on and on for a while.

How hard is it to kill someone? Shooting a big ball of fire capable of blasting away an entire tree is not enough to kill someone? What’s preventing magic from pulling off its devastating ability to full force on someone in such a way that it requires many different types of spells just to kill someone? Maybe we have our own special magic-prevention force fields or something.

Or maybe magic just isn’t what we’re to believe them to be. We can’t light logs with a fire strike, we can’t fertilize our farming soil with earth bolt, and we can’t quench our thirst of even make a puddle with water wave. The only difference between these attacks is the colours of the spells. They all explode and just vanish without leaving a mark.

Lunar spells seem to be the only real way of using magic to the benefit of us. We can fertilize soil, superheat glass, string amulets, and even talk to other people by a network just by a wave of our hands and the cracking of a few stones. Sounds more like magic to me then throwing balls of varying colours and sizes at other people to hurt them. It would probably do more damage if one could just hurl the 10-pound rocks we call runes at other people and break their skulls. Probably wouldn’t cost as much, either.

Magic is a strange skill. There are so many ways one could use it, and yet more then half the spells known and researched in the world are based on the destruction of beings that we find, in our eyes, aren’t worthy of such abilities.

That’s my insights, anyways. If anyone wants to counteract it, then feel free to meet me in the wilderness with your staff and a 30 ton bag of rune stones, and I’ll shoot you in the face with this bow.

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