Interview with #1 Crafter: Ltangel

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Topher: How long have you been playing RuneScape?
Ltangel: I started playing May 2001
Topher: How did you find RuneScape?
Ltangel: Well I was hooked on another online game for about a year before I started playing Runescape. The name of the game was Cash Wars where you actually were able to earn real cash every month. Well the game shut down and a couple of my friends from there told me about Runescape. I was hesitant to sign up for another game, because I was sad the other one shut down, and also at the same time didn’t want to get addicted to another online game. Well after a few weeks I was convinced and headed to Runescape to sign up. I didn’t play much the first couple of weeks cause I didn’t like it. LOL It didn’t take long after that though til I was totally addicted.
Topher: Have you played any other games besides RuneScape?
Ltangel: The only other online game I can recall, that I enjoyed, it is the one mentioned above.
Topher: How long did it take you to get 99 crafting?
Ltangel: Well as I said I started playing May 2001, however didn’t really start crafting full speed when I started. Here is a chart of my timeline for the levels, once I started keeping track of them. (Feel free to use it)
Topher: What was your main training method for 99 crating?
Ltangel: I had tremendous help from Musashi22 as his smithing was getting up there also, and he was setting up his own smithing sessions. One of his payment options was silver, and he would give that to me. Meanwhile I was buying rune ores and mining coal, and musa would make me rune items (with my supplies of rune ore and coal) and I would sell them to other players for the amount of rune ores to replace them and 100 silver. I’d mine my own coal, and would repeat the process with Musa. I use to have a pretty good strength pot business going on the side too… I was selling them in mass amounts for 400 gp each and this cash would help me to buy more silver. Oh all the hours and hours I spent down in the Varrock sewers getting red spider eggs and talking to the apothocary dude in Varrock! Also had help in many ways from members of the 2 clans I was in during that time. (Black Dragons and the Druidz)
So my main methods for getting to 99, back then, would be making holy symbols and providing my free crafting sessions for players, a few times a week. I still have my weekly public crafting sessions to this day! If viewers are interested you can view my crafting schedule located at my web site:

Topher: What was the hardest part of getting to 99 crafting?
Ltangel: There is only one answer for this, and some folks may not know what I am talking about. Uncerting the the silver and silver bar certificates! It wasn’t really hard, but very tedious for sure.
Topher: Was it your goal to become #1 ranked in crafting, or did it just happen?
Ltangel: My goal was to be the first to 99, the number one spot just fell into place with that. As you can see from the image below (feel free to use) a year after I reached 99 crafting, noone else was really close.
Topher: Have you made a lot of money crafting?
Ltangel: Easy answer – NO!
Topher: Any tips for aspiring crafters?
Ltangel: I’d suggest doing a variety of things so you don’t get bored. It really depends on your resources and if you want to collect them yourself or if you have cash to buy.
Topher: Besides crafting, you have a few other levels at 99. Do you plan on getting any others to the cap?
Ltangel: I just plan on one level at a time in the remaining skills, I’m in no hurry and try to enjoy the game doing the things I love to do.
Topher: Anything else to say?
Ltangel: What does my name mean? This is a very common question that I get asked alot. Long time ago I use to be called LadyTexas, back when I lived in Texas. When I left the state I sorta figured I needed to change my name. All my online friends always called me LT for short so I knew I needed to start my new name with those two letters. Angel I just liked so LTAngel was created… It’s very, very frustrating when people ask me “where you from”, and I say “USA”, then I get “so why does your name start with Lt?”. You can’t assume that everyone whose name begins with Lt is from Lithuania!
Thanks for the interview and keep on Runescaping!

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  • hectors goal Says:
    15th December 2008, at 9:22am

    Great interview! keep on the crafting 🙂 you have been playing a looong time. I appreciate how hard crafting is as im a pure skiller. (y)