Strange Cave Discovered in Barbarian Village

posted by on 30th July 2006, at 5:27pm

BARBARIAN VILLAGE — JULY 4, 2006 — The Barbarians of Barbarian Village have uncovered a very odd cave amongst their mines: The Stronghold of Security. It happened as Guroth, a barbarian from the village, was mining some

tin and accidentally hit too hard, shattering the rock and revealing a mysterious ladder leading underground.

Upon further exploration, the barbarians found out this cave was like no other with its talking doors, strange new creatures, and the puzzling bone pieces they drop.

The barbarians, unable to make heads or tails of the Stronghold, have called in the throngs of RuneScape players to investigate.

As a RuneScape player, you are free to come and check this place out for yourself. If you do, you will be faced with questions about account security, while fighting increasingly strong monsters, on top of trying to find your way through a maze of talking doors. The stronghold spans 4 floors.

As you come to the end of each floor’s maze, you will be rewarded with gold pieces and emotes, and then given the chance to continue down to the floor beneath, which will undoubtedly be more challenging than the floor before it.

After completing all four floors, you are rewarded this time with a set of boots of your choosing. The Fighting fboots.PNGof Fancy Bootsfaboots.PNG, and you can always come back and switch if you so choose.

But the stronghold has more secrets to tell…

If you stick around in the Stronghold, fighting the creatures that haunt its walls, you will receive a piece of the legendary bone staff. If you are strong enough to obtain all of the pieces, one dropped by a creature on each floor, you will be granted 5 teleports to Barbarian Village.bstaff.PNG

The Stronghold of Security, besides teaching you about account security (i.e. keeping your password safe, account sharing and all that good stuff) the monsters there are also a good place to train, and who knows, maybe you’ll get those 5 teleports!

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