New Country, Lunar Isle, Offers Fantastic Prospects to Runescape Mages

posted by on 30th July 2006, at 5:25pm

Adventurer Melanie256, known for defeating the dragon Elvarg, exposing the traitor Glough, and joining the Legends guild among other deeds, continues to impress, as she reports winning access to the secret magics of Lunar Isle.

Lunar Isle, located far to the north of the Fremennik town of Rellekka, is home to the Moon Clan, a tribe posessing remarkable magical capabilities, as well as the Suqah, which are brutish monsters similar to trolls. The Moon Clan is currently at war with the Fremenniks. While the details on this are unclear, it seems that the Fremenniks are disdainful of magic, believing it to be a power unsuitable for human use. The Moon Clan, on the other hand, uses magic openly and often for medicine, agriculture, divination, and a variety of other tasks, and feel that the Fremenniks are just jealous of their power.

When asked about the abilities granted by these Lunar Spells, Melanie256 replied with the following: “First off, the Moon Clan will only teach these to one who understands him or herself. They do this with some weird ritual in which one brews a potion of waking sleep, holds a lunar staff, puts on some fancy clothes, and finally coats some magic kindling with the potion before burning it on a ceremonial brazier. The burning of the kindling and potion creates a powerful hallucinogenic gas. I don’t entirely remember the trip I had, but I vaguely recall swinging an axe at clouds and getting launched through space. I also remember that I couldn’t take off my clothes, but I don’t know why I wanted to in the first place. I was still kinda woozy when I told their oneiromancer what I’d learned, and I don’t recall a single word of it, but I know it was really deep. I bet it would come back to me if I took another hit.

“Anyway, Lunar Spells all require astral runes, which can be manufactured via the normal runecraft process at the altar in the southeastern part of Lunar Isle. They focus more on specific daily tasks than combat. Some of them are useful in a fight, but those are supportive, meaning they benefit the caster’s allies rather than crush her enemies. A Lunar mage can cure or heal other people, even an entire group, share a potion with others, or even create an aura that bites back at attackers. Lunar spells do not include any direct damage spells. The noncombat ones are very specific, directed at such tasks as baking pies, fertilizing soil, and stringing amulets. The Moon Clan also has several teleports throughout northwestern Runescape. With a little extra energy a Lunar mage can teleport an entire party to a location. However, when I have them active I have a different field of control than normal, and as a result I am unable to use normal spells. As the standard arts have a broader practical application, I will not be using Lunar Spells unless I have good reason to switch. I would recommend them to gardeners, Dagannoth slayers, and Castle Wars players.”

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