Warrior’s Guild

posted by on 30th June 2006, at 10:42pm

The second update of the month that Jagex introduced was a massive one. This time they have added an entire new guild for players to enjoy; The Warrior’s Guild. This is the biggest guild in the game as of now, rivaling the size of the Legend’s Guild. The Warrior’s Guild contains shops in which you can buy plenty of supplies, many new games you can play to improve your combat skills, and even a new monster and weapon! However, access to this feature does not come without a price. It is required that have at least 130 levels total between your attack and strength skills. If you have these requirements, then enter. But beware; the games inside this guild deal damage, and if you die while participating in any, you will lose your items! Nevertheless, these games are well worth playing.

When you first lay foot in the threshold of the Warrior’s Guild, you are presented by a sprawling main hall. Continue through, past the end of the carpet. Directly to your right is a large room, which is one of the many games in this guild. This particular activity is the Dummy Room. Upon entering this room you will notice that surrounding the center of the room are eight holes. What you don’t know is that once the game initiates, out of these holes will pop dummies, who will attempt to attack you. Depending on how they are attacking you, you are required to choose a specific defensive maneuver. If you choose the incorrect one, you will be hit damage. Here’s a helpful hint: Though dummies pop out randomly, each style will appear in the same place. That way, you can memorize where a specific style will appear, and be able to block the attack more efficiently. This game awards you with attack experience, and also special tokens, which can be used to access the new monster.

Across the hall from the Dummy Room is yet another mini-game: the “Animation Room”. This is a peculiar activity, pitting you against your own suit of armor. To play this game, you must bring the plate legs, plate body, and full helm of the type of armor that you wish to fight. Use this set of armor with an animator in the room, and you will begin fighting an animated version of that armor. The stronger type of armor you use, the stronger the animation will be. For example, if you bring bronze, its level will be 11, but if you bring rune, its level will be 138. (Note: Only regular armor works with this game. Using armor such as trimmed or god will not have any effect.) Be cautious in bringing more expensive armor to fight, however. While battling, your armor may take damage and parts of it be destroyed. When you defeat your armor, you get back any undamaged pieces, along with a few tokens.

If you continue along the hall, you should come upon a bank and two shops. One shop provides an ample supply of food, and the second sells 3-dose vials of attack, strength, and defense potions. The bank is very useful in retrieving supplies such as food to support your health, or other items for the many mini-games you can play in this guild.

If you continue up the spiral staircase nearby the bank, you will find yourself nearby yet another room, which claims the title “Catapult Room”. Speak to the dwarf to acquire a peculiar shield. If you haven’t guessed it already, you must use this shield to block incoming projectiles fired from a large catapult. The way you play is similar to the Dummy Room. You must see what projectile is about to be fired at you and then take the proper defensive stance to block that particular attack. If the object is a spike ball, you need to use Stab Defense. If it is an anvil you need to use Blunt Defense. If it is a device with blades, use the Slash Defense. Lastly, if it is a ball of magic, use the Magic Defense. Doing this activity earns you defense experience, as well as tokens.

After dusting yourself off from dodging projectiles, you may want test your agility. Continue down the hall and you will find yourself at the Shot-Put mini-game. This activity is fairly simple, relying mostly on your agility. Talk to Sloane (nearby the entrance to the game) to begin. It is suggested that you bring several energy potions, as Shot-Put drains your run energy quickly. The goal for this game is to throw a ball as far as possible. The farther you throw it, the more strength experience and tokens you will earn. If you are having trouble making good distance, grind ashes with a pestle and mortar. This creates ground ashes, which, when used to dust your hands, can improve your throw!

Feeling a bit worn out? Then head down to the storeroom, directly south of the Shot-Put room. This is the last of the many mini-games, and in my opinion, the easiest (Though not the most rewarding!). Talk to Jimmy in the storeroom to begin. The instructions are incredible simple. All you have to do is walk up to one of the many barrels in the room and click on it. This will cause your character to attempt to balance it on his or her head. The more barrels you can balance on your head, the more tokens you earn. This mini-game relies on your strength level, so make sure you have a reasonably high level before playing if you wish to make a lot of tokens. Be careful even then, because barrels may fall from your head and deal damage. Talk to Jimmy and he will forge signatures for you. To gain your tokens, go talk to Sloane.

Before continuing up to the top level, you may want to buy some weapons or armor. The armory store on the first floor has a massive stock of weaponry, ranging from bronze to adamant and battleaxes to daggers. It also has a small stock of chain mail and medium helms, should you wish to buy armor.

The top floor is no doubt the crème of the crop; the one thing that just makes this new guild idyllic. The entire floor is put into use for a single thing: The Cyclopes Arena. Here lies the greatest prize of all: defenders. These small, dagger-like weapons are not used to attack, surprisingly, but instead to, as the name suggests, defend. They are wielded in the shield spot, and give generous attack and strength bonuses, equaling more than a filled Zamorak god book. Of course, the process of getting this new weapon is not a walk in the park. First, you must collect 100 or more of the special tokens you receive for participating in the mini-games. Talk to Kamfreena on the top level to enter the arena. Now the challenge begins; it’s a race against time. Every minute that passes, 10 of your tokens crumble into dust. Once you are entirely out of tokens, you must exit the arena. It is suggested you take more than 100 tokens (the required amount, which will last you 10 minutes) if you wish to stay longer. Kill the Cyclopes in the arena to eventually obtain a much anticipated drop: A defender. However, the first defender that is dropped will be bronze. Continue killing Cyclopes, and the next defender that one drops will be iron. Have you guessed it yet? Every time you get a defender drop from a Cyclopes, it is one metal type better. With a lot of hard work, and a lot of time, eventually you will acquire the rune defender, the best type of that weapon. But watch your health, because if you die with a defender in your inventory, you will have to start all over again to get a new defender; starting from bronze!

In my opinion, the Warrior’s Guild is definitely the best guild around. With a large amount activities and features, including a new monster and weapon, no other guild can hope to compete. It is a true accomplishment to gain access to this guild, and the many treasures that lay inside.

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