Jagex Team Finally Releases Player Owned Houses!

posted by on 28th June 2006, at 11:48pm
Thousands of Pay to Play Runescape members are rejoicing of the long awaited and unexpected arrival of player-owned houses along with the construction skill, formally named ‘carpentry’, which suits its benefits nicely. Even though there are limited areas which one can build and the ever-collected ’tiles’ are not being used, since you cannot actually build entire rooms with hard work and labour (you purchase them), the construction skill is a very handy skill to have as it allows one to create additional training objects, such as the combat ring, the magic lectern, a crafting workbench, a kitchen which supplies unlimited resources fit for cooking, and even your own altar which one can obtain a bonus amount of experience for bones depending on the level of it.


Aside from being able to build pieces of furniture for your own home, you can also build “flatpacks” of furniture on a workbench. Not only do they give the same amount of experience and take up the same resources as ordanary furniture, the result is that you can sell this furniture to other players who don’t have the level required to build it.

Although this skill can benefit the training and enjoyment of other skills through the building of additional items, construction comes at a great cost: gold coins. Building an entire house of furniture isn’t cheap and there have been reports stating that players have had to spend 8 to 10 million gold coins only to get the resources needed for level 50 construction, and there still remain even more greater and expensive benefits to strive for. One such item, the demonic throne available at level 99 construction, requires materials bought from an NPC for a wallet-breaking 24 million gold coins alone – the highest a player has ever had to spend on an NPC at one moment. Even the 4 different types of planks required to build furniture cost from 100 to 1500 gold coins per plank. Beginning players can start their construction skill by purchasing their first house from a real estate agent in one of many locations, including the house across from Varrock museum, the house next to Falador furnaces, and a new house to the east of Seers village bank. The fee, 1000 coins, is only a taste of the great expense construction will cost the most ambitious players. The house starts off with a garden that houses the exit portal a player may use to leave the house, and a parlour that players can begin their constructing by building a set of crude chairs, which take up 2 planks and 2 nails (Depending on the material, nails may bend and a player could consume more than expected).

With every 5 levels, a new type of room becomes available to players, each housing their own advantages, opportunities, levels of furniture, and places to put the furniture (Which is nicknamed “hotspots”). For example, at construction level 5, a player may construct a kitchen (merely build on a door hotspot and select kitchen – it costs 5000 coins) which houses a sink, a range, a larder which gives infinite ingredients, a keg which gives infinite beer, shelving units, a kitchen table, and even a bed for your cat to sleep when you’re at home. Players are also allowed to build multiples of the same room for extra benefits, like building 2 bedrooms so a player may hire a servant. The Jagex Team has equipped players with the house portal system, which teleports players to their individual houses in a specific town or area. However, a player doesn’t need to have a spare set of Guthan Armor to sell in order to enjoy the full benefits of a high construction level. In addition to bring able to teleport to your house by these portals or a new spell (which requires the same runes as a Lumbridge teleport minus 2 air runes), a player may also enter a friend or another player’s house if they are currently online and inside the house to supervise.

Once inside another player’s house, that player may enjoy any and all benefits that the host’s house has to offer, as long as the host allows it. There are even certain activities which multiple players can take part in, like combat competitions and fun mini-games, including the ability to turn your house into a free-for-all wilderness (no one will lose items) while players race and fight monsters, bosses, and themselves in a self-built dungeon to get the treasure set by the hopefully-rich host! The host is able to prevent other players from entering their house or kicking everyone out if they want to so some training of their own without interruption. Aside from looking nice, a player’s house can house many tools and pieces of equipment required to perform some unique tasks and abilities. For example, one can make a crafting table, which allows them to make mobile toy soldiers, dolls, mice, and even your own toy horses. When one is level 40, a study can be built along with a lectern which can be used to make your own portable spells which take up 1 inventory space and can be sold. When a kitchen is built, players can receive an unlimited supply of cooking tools and ingredients used to make pizzas, cakes, and tea, which can be drunk to temporarily boost your construction level by a bit, depending on the type of teapot and cup used. Even with a few bugs the Jagex Team had overlooked in the new skill, one of which caused mayhem on Runescape when a player abused a bug where he could kill other players and get their things inside his own house (A number of Jagex Mods sorted it out and fixed the bug, so there is no present danger), construction is by far one of their more amazing pieces of work, one which must have taken a long period of planning, code-writing, and patience. I believe that many of those Runescape players who can enjoy the benefits of this new skill can humbly say that they are proud of our new luxury and can await greater things from the Jagex Team in the near future.

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